Parrots General

Parrots General

Spotting a good Parrot Behaviour Consultant!

1. You will always be able to reach her by phone or e mail. 2. She will fit you in quickly to see the bird. 3. She will always be welcoming and put you at ease. 4. She will be a good listener, and give you plenty of time to talk. 5. She will find…

Fruit, Flowers And Fun

Parrot Diet has always been my big thing, because a well fed parrot is a happy healthy parrot! Offer as many different fruits and vegetables as you can.

How Are Our Birds Doing?

I was thinking of this weeks blog, and a whole lot  of questions came to mind. I am going to write them down as they came to me, if you need to change a few things, go on change, if you don’t pat yourself on the back. I found a few I had to take…

Bones for dogs ? not always!

Bones for Dogs?? not always!! Hi all you parrot people, hope you are ready for a good birdie weekend, lots of favourite person time, activities, and time spent out the cage if you work during the week.

travelling with Sam and bella

Sam and Bella were a bit put out that Sprog got to talk to you, so I thought it best that they get there chance. Sam is my husbands grey and Bella my goffin!

illness — lets be aware

I have asked Sprog to write this blog, Sprog is my jenday conure for you who dont know my birds. Hi parrot parents! You know how my parrot mum goes on about diet, well you must feed us right if you want us to stay strong and healthy. Now listen, parrot folk, us birds can…

lets make a lap toy

Lap toys are really easy to make, and if your bird loves to get into buttons and bows, this is a great way to keep them away from yours but still have the fun destroying them. The lap toy I made for Bella is 30cm by 8 cm and she loves undoing the bows and…

Love me bald!!

This is really Bella’s story, but for 5 weeks it was very much my story too. I want to tell you about it, because there are a lot of stressed birds out there, that are getting the right loving but still pluck under stressful conditions.

Allergies, birds and people who own birds

Both birds and people suffer from allergies, some people would like to have a bird or birds but because of their allergies cant! So what to do? Acrylic cages are becoming more available, this is great news for parrot lovers, but beware they are quite expensive! The other thing a parrot lover might like to…