What time did you wake up this morning… was it with the birds?

wild bird singing

early morning wake up call

I was up early to hear the wild birds welcome the morning. It is something I do regularly, because once the 1st bird has chirped the rest join in quickly and it is babble time, it is so precious.

I have bird feeders all over my garden for the wild birds, and I grow things to entice birds into the garden. We have just had the nest making time, and it has been great watching the birds fly in and out of the eaves of our house.

Don’t be a lazy bones and get up even if it’s just once to hear the birds welcome the day.

I tend to leave my African greys and visitors a bit longer, as they would spoil the magic of the wild birds. I let my birds do jungle time at 5 and when I’m full in the boarding area that can be quite hectic. But even that is a happy time for me, because it lets me enjoy the domesticated birds as well.

It is all magic and we are very lucky to be able to enjoy both. Happy birds make noise, and that makes me happy. I like to have happy healthy birds.

And that is possible, if we feed right, fruit, veg, nuts, seed and sprouts.

If we house right, a cage big enough for your bird to open his wings in the cage.
If we love right, time out the cage with YOU, with TOYS, and games.
If we respect their space and know their body language we should co exist beautifully together.

Wake up early tomorrow morning and enjoy the birds… It is precious!

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