My African Grey Pedro’s Story

Pedro the African Grey Parrot


Pedro came to live with us about 3 years ago, from the pet shop. He is a crazy bird and for ages I thought he had a.d.d.

He was just all over the show all the time.

Looking him now though, I think it was just the terrible two’s . He is quite calm now. All that will change when Jody comes to share his veranda with him. Man am I looking forward to Jody coming.

I have the terrible habit of closing my eyes when I talk to people, I’m working on it but bless my sweet heart, Pedro now closes his eyes when he looks at me, see they can pick up everything. The other thing that I do is sway; I think it comes from rocking my grand children. Goodness, anyone would think I was a nutter!!

I love this bird, but goodness he really doesn’t like me! I’m working on that too.

Birds can pick up all sorts of things from us, they now time quite amazingly, and can be taught colours, and shapes, and tonnes of words, if you are connected to your bird, he will pick up your moods and feelings.

They are amazing creatures and have to be loved by us.

Are you loving your bird enough?

I can’t emphasize it enough, these creatures need lots of love.


Till next time….

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