Sam’s Story

Sam the African Grey Parrot


Sam came to us 8 years ago, from a pet shop that didn’t know what to do with him because he could not be sold to anyone else because he had come from a bad home.

He was emotionally a wreck with lots of bad behaviours.

My husband and I visited him 3 times before we agreed to take him and start on the journey of healing.

You know me, I always start with the diet, this guy had been on seed only, so eating real food took awhile to get used too. So we just kept feeding him well and watched him. He had never had out time so we made sure his cage was open everyday, so he could come out if he wanted too, he didn’t!

We just waited, boy did we wait!

But you know my 3 P’s… patience, persistence, and perseverance. He eventually ventured out and then I started getting him used to coming to me, everything took time, he was slowly getting to trust us.

To begin with he was my bird and would even sleep with me on the couch. One day though he walked off my lap and walked onto my husband’s lap! I was narked but he preferred my husband, so be it and he has remained his bird ever since.

He is still not talking very much, but is in great condition… Good Food!! And is out his cage everyday and heaven help me if I’m late letting him out. He is a beautiful bird now, quite relaxed. My husband loves him loads…. and I carry him round on a spoon!!

You see a good diet, patience, persistence and perseverance paid off.

Any time you put time in to a bird, you will get love back, parrots are very forgiving birds. We love Sam and are so glad we rescued him.


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