A Day In The Life Of A Goffin Cockatoo – Nibbles Story

Nibbles a cockatoo


Nibbles starts calling as early as 5:30 am to be let out her cage, making sure that not only the neighbours are woken up but also the whole street !

After being taken out of her cage she goes to shower with Mom, calling Mom aunty Di whilst getting ready for the opening of the Nursery School.
At 7.00 am she is put in her outside Avery as School starts shouting Mahdara to the Gardener as he begins work and walks past the avairy each time.

Nibbles greets all her little friends as their Dad and Mom’s drop them off.

At 10.00 am she has her tea time snack with all her friends consisting of 2 crisps.

With a full tummy she joins the children for class and learns her shapes and colours! Mom tells her to behave but that does not always happen. At 11.30 am she is put back in her aviary whilst Mom takes all her little school friends home.

At 1.00 pm when Mom returns home, Nibbles is taken inside still calling Mom Aunty Di and has lunch together with Dad & Mom. She makes lots of noise and gives Dad a headache !! After being inside for 2 hours it’s time to be put back in her aviary outside and have her afternoon nap.

At approximately 6.00 pm when Mom and Dad return home from the gym, Nibbles comes inside and helps Mom with the cooking, having a nibble at everything to see if all is up to standard!

She then has her dinner consisting of 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and half a slice of toast with or without peanut butter depending on her preference, followed by a cup of rooibos tea. With a full stomach and a happy day of destroying all she could, Nibbles is finally put to bed with lots of kisses, cuddles & growls, re-energising herself for another full day just around the corner……

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