Fruit, Flowers And Fun

Parrot Diet has always been my big thing, because a well fed parrot is a happy healthy parrot! Offer as many different fruits and vegetables as you can.

Try the vegetables raw and cooked, to see which your feathered friend prefers.

Try rice, noodles, eggs, fish, sprouts, chicken bones, dog bones, Yes! dog bones, chicken, lamb and pork are all good to offer to your bird.

When you have a roast, dish up for your feathered friends as well!

Try peanut butter, that’s so good for their feathers.

We give our birds, caramel popcorn, biltong, crisps, crackers, fruit juice, nuts, rasins, and to make it fun add flowers, rose petals, dandelions, nasturtiums, hibiscus flowers.

Food should be fun! It should be an adventure, lots of different colours, textures, lots of different tastes.

Try and keep your feathered friend on a cereal for breakfast. Feeding times 6 – 9 a.m and 4 – 6p.m.

Bird seed and only bird seed is boring and dangerous, bad for their health! Mine get seed only over weekends.

Cook for your feathered friend! There are loads of recipes on my web site.

Remember…… NO avocado pears, NO chocolate, NO sweets, NO alcohol! Let your bird have fun at feeding times.

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