Parrot Boredom Busters

No parrot should ever be bored.

Boredom leads to feather plucking, screaming and biting.

Parrots are adventurous, curious, intelligent birds and when we take one home from the pet shop or breeder we should remember this.

There are a multitude of toys being sold to keep your parrot happy, bells are a favourite. Toys they can chew and shred are also winners.

Parrot Toys

Parrot Cage Toys

All parrots should have toy boxes,  filled with what you call rubbish, toilet rolls, boxes, rope, paper, cut up egg boxes, plastic pill bottles and the like.

Parrot Foot Toys

Parrot Foot Toys In Plastic Container

Foot toys are favourite toys your parrot can easily grasp. Tie a small lunch box to the side of the cage, and fill with small toys, things that rattle and shake, and things they can throw around.

Remember toys need to be changed regularly, to keep your parrot interested and curious. The toys need to be cleaned too, regularly.

I have toys hanging in the cage and out the cage, a toy box inside and foot toy containers.

Remember, toys are good, but don’t beat one-on-one playtime with the parrots best friend – YOU! All parrots should be played with everyday.

If you are away at work all day, let your parrot out as soon as you get home and love him lots.

Parrots with toys and a loving best friend are happy parrots.

Do lots with your parrot today!

Toy to make………

Fill a clean light coloured sock with beads, bits of rope, bits of wood, dog biscuits, nuts, peanuts, scrunched up paper and your parrots favourite small toys.

Let your parrot watch what you are doing, and talk to him while you are putting the things in the sock.
Hang the sock in the cage. With something safe, NOT wire!

See you all again soon

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