Polly’s Lonely!

Parrot Playing On Cage

Parrots Playing Outside Their Cages

Yes, parrots do get lonely.

When they get lonely they feather pluck, scream and bite!

Once a parrot has bonded with you, it is up to you to do the very best for him. Her biggest need is time with you.

Side- by – side activities are great for cutting out loneliness. When you are brushing your teeth, give Polly a toothbrush, when you are eating, make sure Polly gets some too. When you are baking or cooking, make sure Polly is in the kitchen helping you.

You can think of loads more ideas than just those.

Polly needs time on your lap being fussed and kissed and tickled, set apart a special time for this.

She needs time with toys, so make sure the toys you are buying are colourful chewable, and fun.

She needs good nutritious meals to explore taste and eat.

I am a big fan of playing music, sing with your bird, whistle with her, leave the tv on.

Cut down Polly’s loneliness by having her cage where you spend most of your time. Leave the cage open and include your bird in what you are doing.

Parrot Playing With Toys

African Grey Parrot Playing With Cage Top Toys

Please don’t immediately think that because your bird is lonely, that you need to rush out and buy another bird. I have seen this work only a few times. Try rather to fix the environment Polly is in. It may take several weeks to get it all together as I have suggested but you will have a happier bird and you will be doing the very best for your feathered friend.

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