How Are Our Birds Doing?

I was thinking of this weeks blog, and a whole lot  of questions came to mind. I am going to write them down as they came to me, if you need to change a few things, go on change, if you don’t pat yourself on the back. I found a few I had to take notice of.
Here goes! Enjoy!

Is your bird an ornament or a constant companion? Too much seed? not enough seed? Not enough fresh fruit and veg? raw or cooked? Too many treats? allowed sips of your alcohol? Spinach leaves? chillies and cinnamon? cleaned out dishes? Or left for fruit flies to find? Cage cleaned weekly, monthly never?Perches good for feet? therapeutic perches? sand paper perches? Not enough baths? how?What does he enjoy?

In the car? outings, visitors?  Children? illness? Good vet? vitamin drops?

Tender loving care or not? side-by-side activities? Too many toys in cage? No toys in cage? Never in the garden? Plenty of vitamin D?  Do you cook for your parrot? Popcorn?  Night covers? scared of the dark? gas ovens? Played with? not played with ? freshclean water?  Does your bird trust you? How much? plucking, screaming? sick cages? Is yours a healthy bird? Talking or not? moving cages? changing toys? big enough cages? rusty cages? rusty dishes?

Encouraged to play? music therapy? sprouting seed? Bed time? Loved and cuddled and spoilt? encouraged  to explore?

See, a bit of everything, for everyone,

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