Bones for dogs ? not always!

Bones for Dogs?? not always!!
Hi all you parrot people, hope you are ready for a good birdie weekend, lots of favourite person time, activities, and time spent out the cage if you
work during the week.

All of us know that birds enjoy chicken bones once we have finished with them and pork chop bones and lamb chop bones…. But try this one….
Dog bones for birds. One of my boarders brought dog bones as a treat, and I just laughed, but boy did that bird enjoy those bones!
Anything new that is safe I am willing to try, so Sam was presented with his first dog bone. He looked at it and that was it! but I persisted and

eventually he went and tried it and guess what he found he liked it!! Now he gets them regularly. I think some birds must think I am a little
strange when I offer them a dog bone but if I have the bird for an extended time, most try them and like them.
Try your bird with a dog bone this weekend!! Remember they will attract flies which is not good so remove them from the cage when they are finished.

Is your fridge over run with veg and fruit for your feathered friend, here is a tip… Keep all veg and fruit in zip lock bags that seal in the goodness
and put the bags in a big plastic box on one of the shelves, that way everything is together, nice and tidy and kept fresh.

Another handy bit of information in the hot weather is cooling off your feathered friend by letting him kick around ice cubes on the floor! Cold
this should happen regularly but if it doesnt make it a treat to keep your feathered friend nice and cool.
Remember birds get addicted to sweets, and coke, and coffee and ice cream so be careful!

Another hint is cinnamon and red chillies as pick me ups if your bird seems a little unhappy, grow it in the garden, that is the red chillies and keep your birds spirits up.

Here is a recipe you can try…
Spinach,egg and cheese scramble.
Spray a small frying pan with non stick spray
Scramble one egg with the shell, a handful of green veg and crumble in some feta cheese
Cook all together
Wait for it to cool
Serve to your feathered friend.

Thats all for this weekend, hope you have a good one, love that bird of yours

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