travelling with Sam and bella

Sam and Bella were a bit put out that Sprog got to talk to you, so I thought it best that they get there chance. Sam is my husbands grey and Bella my goffin!

I am busy with wedding plans for next weekend so I am glad they can stand in for me, thanks feathered friends!
We are talking about taking your parrot traveling this week, many of you will be making plans for the Christmas holiday — I am almost full with boarders.

Sam first…….
1. Please parrot people take the toys out of our cages so we dont get ‘bonked’ on the head.
2. make sure the cage is secure n your car, we dont want to be tipping over now do we ?
3. Please leave the window open a bit so we get some fresh air, we dont like being blown away so just a little.
4. Make sure you have bowls to use so that when you stop for a cooldrink we can have some water.5. If we are really well behaved could you take us out could you sit us on your knee ?
5. Keeping a ‘poop’ may might be a good idea!
6. If traveling by night we still need a night cover, we dont like the glare of on coming cars.
7. It might be a good idea to clip our wings so we dont go off on our own adventure!

Bella is going to tell you what to pack for us…………….
Hi parrot parents this is so much fun, talking to you cause parrot mum asked us too.
What you need to pack!
1. Clean pure water.
2. A spray bottle with clean water if it is very hot and we need to be sprayed.
3. Kitchen paper to catch the mess!
4. A zip lock bag with enough seed to feed us if the journey is ver long,
5. TREATS so we dont get bored!
6. A little bottle of baby food in case we need a sugar rush, I use purity 4 fruits.
7. Perches that you have taken out for safety.
8. Toys that you taken out.
9. Clean paper, kitchen towel will do.
10.A cover if we are traveling by night.

Easy peasy…. take your bird with you as often as you can.
Beryl, Sam and Bella!!


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