illness — lets be aware

I have asked Sprog to write this blog, Sprog is my jenday conure for you who dont know my birds.

Hi parrot parents!
You know how my parrot mum goes on about diet, well you must feed us right if you want us to stay strong and healthy. Now listen, parrot folk, us birds can go from ill to dead in 24 hours so take sickness and injury seriously. There are lots of ways we can get sick — let me tell you.
Dirty water, old fruit and veg, moldy seed, dirty cages, unclean perches and toys, rusty old cages, old feeding dishes, see bacteria can thrive in unclean things.Heavens, parrot parents, if our cages are old, rusty and dangerous, buy us a new one, yes, yes, I know it is expensive but you dont want your parrot to get sick do you? Buy us new toys, and bowls if you have to ! Clean up our cage space, the floor and walls around our cages and lets get healthy!!

If you suspect illness, take your feathered friend straight to the vet. If you do it quickly there is a better chance of getting us back to full health.
Here are some things to watch for:
Sitting puffed up on the perch, sitting puffed up at the bottom of the cage, perching on 2 legs, not being interested in food, not wanting to play with you, limping on our perches, runny droppings, a cough that is not a mimic of someone in the house.
Know your vet, and trust him, know his telephone number and address.

When you get us home, keep us warm, in a quiet place, somewhere a little dark so we can sleep and the most important thing — lots and lots of tender loving care!
It was fun talking to you, maybe Beryl will let me do it again soon.
Till next time– have a good weekend
Beryl     and Sprog

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