lets make a lap toy

Lap toys are really easy to make, and if your bird loves to get into buttons and bows, this is a great way to keep them away from yours but still have the fun destroying them.
The lap toy I made for Bella is 30cm by 8 cm and she loves undoing the bows and trying to get the buttons off the material. It has saved heaps of my clothes.

Sew together 2 pieces of material, any colour or design, turn it in the right way and press.
Select 4,5,6,buttons and sew them onto the material, so it is not easy for your bird to get them off. Any buttons will do, go along to the shop and see what they have, I have different size buttons and different shape buttons.
Select 4,5,6, pieces of pretty coloured ribbon and sew them onto the material so you can make it into a bow.

Remember some birds take a while to get used to a new toy, so start by placing it out of the cage, moving it closer day by day leave it sitting on your knee where your feathered friend can see, and when he is ready he will investigate.

You can make your lap toy any size and any shape, have fun making different ones so that your feathered friend does not get bored, and hey ho ! your buttons and bows are relatively safe.

When my dear sweet Bella decided that digging holes in my shirt was fun, I had the idea of folding a nappy and putting it over my shoulder, she didnt like it at first, but soon got used to it.

Short and sweet this week, hope to see you all again next week.
Have a great weekend, sew and cook for your feathered friend and he love show lots of love.

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