Spotting a good Parrot Behaviour Consultant!

1. You will always be able to reach her by phone or e mail.
2. She will fit you in quickly to see the bird.
3. She will always be welcoming and put you at ease.
4. She will be a good listener, and give you plenty of time to talk.
5. She will find out as much about your bird as she can.
6. She will speak to you about good nutrition, and good housing.
7. She never make you feel bad or stupid, if you need help.
8. She will hav good comms with the vets should they be needed.
9. She will help you through a vet visit if neccessary.
10.She will keep in contact after your visit.
11.Most important: she will do everything in her power to help you and your bird.
12.She will charge a fee for the consultation.

Keep this in mind when you are visiting a Parrot Behaviour Consultant – she should become a friend. Keep her phone number in your mobile phone.

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