Allergies, birds and people who own birds

Both birds and people suffer from allergies, some people would like to have a bird or birds but because of their allergies cant! So what to do?
Acrylic cages are becoming more available, this is great news for parrot lovers, but beware they are quite expensive! The other thing a parrot lover might like to try is an air filter.

Cockatoos,african greys and cockatiels give off a lot of dust so an air filter may be the answer.

Remember a bath once a week cuts down on the dust, they need to be drenched to the skin, inbetween baths a mister can be used too.

Now for the birds…….. If you are feeding your bird a pellet only diet be aware that many birds have an allergy to the red and blue vitamin pieces. I always take these out just in case. Dyes are dangerous — so a much better option is fruit,veg,sprouts,nuts and seeds on a regular basis.

Rotate your pellet mix, rotate fresh fruit and veg this will stop allergies build up.

Allergies can present as feather plucking, agitation, and behaviour problems.

I know you want to do the best for your parrot so remember, seeds,sprouts,veg,fruit,nuts,and cereals. Once a week give them a treat, with egg, chicken, fish, pasta, and rice!

Check out the recipes I have posted and get busy in the kitchen !

Have a good weekend and I will be back to friday blogs as quickly as I can!

Till next time………

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