What To Do If Your Bird Gets Sick

Good morning beautiful parrot people. I hope you are loving your bird and caring for him the very best you can. Your chicken for a parrots soul is about caring for your bird when he is sick. I hope tho that your bird is healthy and stays healthy.

For All Parrot Parents

Good afternoon my parrot parents. I hope that you are all well. My boarding lodge has been very quiet so Im doing blogs and newsletter.

5 Essential Parrot Owner Habits

Hello Parrot People, sorry for the lack of blogs over the last few weeks, I have had pneumonia which was horrible, but I am on the mend now. Here is some more shredded chicken for the parrot’s soul. I have put together 5 of the most important Habits to get into if you own a…

A Parrot Boarding Lodge

Hello parrot people, here is a shredded chicken for a parrots Soul; it is good to be back in contact. I hope that your feathered friend is well, remember nutrition is always a good place to start.