5 Essential Parrot Owner Habits

conure in cageHello Parrot People, sorry for the lack of blogs over the last few weeks, I have had pneumonia which was horrible, but I am on the mend now. Here is some more shredded chicken for the parrot’s soul. I have put together 5 of the most important Habits to get into if you own a parrot.

  1. Checking your bird and his living conditions every day.
    This only takes 5 minutes and can be done when you take the covers off your bird every morning. Check that his eyes are clear with no discharge; check his nares {nose} also for any sign of discharge, swelling or redness. Check that he is defecating properly; you should get a nice big dropping, when you uncover your bird. Check that he has fresh and clean water and something to nibble on before breakfast. Check that his cage is in good condition, and check that his toys are safe to play with and clean.
  2. Treats.
    These should be offered at least once a week. They can come in the form of nuts, biltong, popcorn, as long as it is healthy it’s ok, find what your bird likes and offer it. I gave bits of muffin, fruit juice, I have also given ice cubes, and dog bones, {yes you saw right}
  3. Cleaning the bird’s cage.
    This has to be done, so don’t dread it, look forward it. My small cages get scrubbed once a week, along with the perches and toys. My king cages have the trays cleaned every day, and they get scrubbed once a month. All the toys and perches are scrubbed along with the cage, but if I notice in-between that perches and toys need to be done then they get done. Please parrot people, cleaning cages is so important!!
  4. Playtime.
    This is another important one. Your feathered friend needs YOU regularly!! Work it into yourday, before you go to work, when you get home from work, while you are cooking, bathing, sSitting having a drink, watching television. Parrots are very intelligent birds and need interaction with you to keep their minds active and alert. Leave a bird with no one on one time and you will get screaming, plucking, mutilating, biting, man you don’t want that!!
  5. Keep your parrots vets number in your purse.
    This one really is so easy!! Put the number in your purse, and up on the wall where your phone is. Remember to keep it up dated and when you change purses remember to move the vet’s number over too.

There you go…. easy!

See you next time….

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