A Day In The Life Of The Home Of The Happy Parrot

parrot eating fruitThe Home of the Happy Parrot was born about 7 years ago. I have always felt that a good healthy parrot is 1 that is fed right, loved right, played with, and gets to join in everything.

DID YOU KNOW…..Red hot chillies are a natural anti depressant for birds? And YES Parrots get depressed!

I used to get really nervous about having Parrots but after all the training, reading, and research my husband and I have done, things are much inproved.

DID YOU KNOW…Cayenne pepper sprinkled on food, not too much, is good for digestion and arthritic older birds.

I have a very good routine at the lodge, birds behave well, when then there is a good routine and I encourage routines for everyone. I like birds to come in their own cages because that is their space, its their territory.

Every bird has a basket in my office for extra things owners may bring as treats. All owners fill in a lengthy form, after a lengthy chat! And there is an indemnity form they have to sign every time I have a bird.

Cages are cleaned regularly, breakfast, is important, and I have learnt that there are quick eaters and slow eaters. When everyone is finished the cages are opened.There is no forcing here if your bird doesn’t want to come out he doesn’t have to. Birds are put back in at 4 o clock, when things wind up for jungle time at dusk. Very Noisy!!

DID YOU KNOW…. that shredded chicken given to your parrots is very good, its the natural food for the amino acid and protein requirements your bird needs.

DID YOU KNOW… that a fresh spinach leaf given every day is very good for bird it is packed full of natural vitamins. I grow a bed all year round for my guests and my own birds.

I have a night light for birds that are scared of the dark!

YES some birds are scared of the dark. I sit with the birds while they settle at night and they all get covered at the same time. As close as possible to owners routine. Remember…. Parrots get cold at night so they need a cover and a blanket during the winter. All my guests get extra blankets during winter.

While the birds are napping or sleeping I get to the paper work…. caring for a birds is work! Not for the faint hearted.

DID YOU KNOW…. that rooibos tea is calming tea, you can give it if your bird if it seems agitated, or nervous.

Now I’m off to check in on my own sick bird… having injections and needing special care.

All for now

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