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Hello parrot people, here is a shredded chicken for a parrots Soul; it is good to be back in contact. I hope that your feathered friend is well, remember nutrition is always a good place to start.

Now my story continued.

I have come a long way from my 1st encounter with an African Grey. I met my 1st African Grey 15 years ago; I was as scared as hell, beak, claws, feathers, eek!

If you had told me then that now I would be surrounded by greys and cockatoos. And that I would be running a boarding lodge, I would have told you you were nuts!

A boarding lodge was nowhere on the radar. I got a parrot magazine after that, did my course and was nagged to death to open.

I was so nervous of other people’s birds in my care 24/7. That course was excellent, I learnt so much and the books I had to read were brilliant.

I turned one of my bedrooms into my office, and the veranda was a perfect place for the boarders.

Now there is a steady stream of birds. I refer to them as guests. There is an extensive form to fill in before boarding and I always try and meet owners before the bird arrives. I have learnt so much, but there are things I wish I could have known before I started, and I want you to see them.

1st thing… Stress levels increase 100 fold when you are caring for other people’s parrots. Their babies.

Every bird is different has different needs and you better be able to remember them.

Thank goodness for that course and the books I have bought. The stress can be so great, that you have to call a time out. People do not like that!

2nd…. Jungle time can be very, very noisy with a veranda full of birds. You have to be able to switch off or at least close the door!

3rd… You need an outside aviary for cockatoos to stay in during the day. They need space and make the most incredible noise.

4th… The paper work is enormous. It all just doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes it does, but not always. If you

  • blog
  • write a newsletter
  • have a group chat
  • have a face book page
  • keep records
  • and

  • need handouts to give away…

yes there is a lot and sometimes you dry up, and people do not understand that either.

5th… Some owners can be difficult to deal with, but you have to keep smiling, wait for them to leave, then scream! You have to be patient, caring, and diplomatic and that can be difficult to do.

6th… You need someone intelligent to talk things through with and can be there when you need help.

They need to know the routine, know the birds and be good with the birds. I have 2 brilliant helpers.

  • my husband, my hero
  • and Trust, my helper, my right arm and someone I can unload on.

I also have a good friend who is always an ear when I need to chat.

You see it’s not all easy, but it is fun and I have a beautiful set of owners and Parrots!

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