Shredded Chicken For The Parrots Soul

A Happy Lodger

A Happy Parrot Lodger

Hi everyone, it is great to be back in comms with you all.

This is a new beginning of my blogging career, so I’m going to give it a special name. These blog posts will be called “Shredded Chicken For A Parrots Soul”. Because shredded chicken is so good for your parrot.

I’m going to start right at the beginning.

My passion is that ALL parrots are treated right. For them to be loved right, so they can love in return. For them to be fed right, housed right, and played with. Love that feathered friend of yours and make him happy.

I studied with Compass College to become a Parrot Behaviour consultant. I am a member of the Institute of Animal Care and Education. I have continued to learn by reading books and parrot magazines.

I have learnt a lot by boarding parrots in my home for quite a while now.

Boarding is fun, but also a bit scary at times.

I’ve met a lot of great people. I’ve helped them through difficult times in their lives. It can be quite emotional. I like to help in any way I can.

The Home of the Happy Parrot, also known as bee’s birds, is a small boarding lodge. It’s personal, caring, guiding, and loving. I love the parrots that have been with me and look forward to new ones all the time. I run the lodge to the best of my ability; parrots and owners are loved here.

My husband and I have 4 birds of our own, 3 African Greys and a jenday conure.

Lots of things that I do for my own birds, I do for my guests as well.

All the owners meet my birds, because they form part of my newsletters, and blogs. I whatsapp and I have a group chat on my phone as well. I answer e-mails and consult. No doubt they will worm their way into your hearts as well.

They are precious!! I remember my husband coming home in the middle of the day just to sit with his injured bird. That bird knew he was still loved.

So you know a bit about me, my birds, my home of the happy parrot, and I look forward to writing many more posts to you.

What about you? What stories do you have about your birds?


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