5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Parrot

Here is your shredded chicken for a parrots soul. I do hope that you and your feathered friend are well, healthy, happy and ready for a tit bit of news.

5 great questions to ask yourself when you want to buy a bird….

  1. Do I have the money for a cage? Where am I going to get it from?
  2. Birds need lots of toys, is there cash to buy and then rotate toys?
  3. Have I read up on the computer everything about the bird I want?
  4. Have I got the time the bird is going to need for play time, cuddle time, time to teach him?
  5. Do I know everything about nutrition? Am I going to be able to pay for it?

After you have answered all those right you are ready to buy your fluffy little bird.

Enjoy him, love him, talk to him. Remember he is going to bond with you, so you are going to be his world.

Find a good vet, just in case and decide what you are going to do with him when you go on holiday


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