5 Questions To Ask Before Boarding Your Parrot With Someone Else

Hello parrot lovers,

Your shredded chicken for the parrot’s soul is here.

I’m hoping you are al well. We are going tackle what to ask if you have to book your bird into a boarding lodge.

These are the 5 most important questions to ask when you go and look at the place and speak to the person who care for the birds.

  1. What do you feed the birds during the day?
  2. How much time do the birds get out of the cage during the day?
  3. When are the birds covered for the night?
  4. How often is the cage cleaned?
  5. Are there any cats and dogs at the boarding centre?

After that, go wild; ask as much as you can. Have a jolly good look round and make sure you are happy. Before I take in a bird, I have a 2 hour meeting with the parrot person.


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