A Very Special Person

Welcome to your shredded chicken for a parrots soul.

Today I want to tell you about a very special person. He is my husband of 35 years, he has been my advisor, my help, my calculator, my encourager and he has believed in me right from when I did my course. We discuss everything and he comes up with some amazing ideas. Because he writes he helps me with my blogs and my newsletters. He never interferes with decisions I make and he lets me do my job.

I couldn’t have had such a successful boarding lodge for birds without his help and encouragement. He is so calm, if I am in a complete twist in the boarding area, he will come in and sort out the problem then calm me down.

He hasn’t been bitten by a bird…Lucky man, I get bitten regularly. I will always remember tho when a Cape Parrot climbed on him and he was terrified! Have you ever seen a Cape Parrots beak? The owner calls it a can opener!!Since then he has been very wary of getting too close.

I know that if I ever got too sick to care for lodgers, he would be able to step in and give good instructions to my staff. He does have his favourites, naughty, I can’t have favourites, and he encourages me to have the birds.

I’m able to talk to talk to him about anything concerning my job, he listens, and gives good advice.

Thank you, thank you Duncan for being cool calm and collected when it comes to my birds. Thank you for your help, and advice. I’m glad that we can laugh together at times, and I’m glad you have accepted my crazy job.



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