New Year Resolutions and Your Bird

african grey parrot

African grey parrot

When you were making your new years resolutions did you include your bird? Often we forget but it’s important that you make 1 for your bird. Remember you are your birds flock.

I’m going to ask you some questions now, choose one and make a resolution for your bird. Remember I’m all for happy, healthy parrots.

  1. Is your parrots diet right? Remember that seed should only be 30 % of the diet.
  2. How is his living space? Is it clean? Safe, and in good conditions?
  3. How is his play time? Toys are very god for your bird. They stimulate their brains.
  4. Are you bathing your bird regularly? Plain water is ok, but if your bird is shedding dander you may need to use mild baby shampoo.

I love writing my shredded chicken for a parrots soul. However sometime I get very busy with guests in the boarding area, and it’s been hectic Christmas.

See you all soon.

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