Music Therapy is for the Birds

music therapy for birds

music therapy for the birds

Music therapy for your birds is great!

I have music going all the time, in my boarding area.

Mood music will calm a hyperactive bird, I’ve watched it work, now don’t ask me how but it works.

Classical music can stop feather plucking. Up beat music will start them all singing.

We’ve just had Christmas and my Boney M cd produced an absolutely crazy hour of parrot noise. Now if you don’t know Boney M ask your parents.

Oh yes Music is healing!

Have fun with music and your bird, teach him some words, I have a bird that knows the song“ how much is that doggy in the window”

Now remember you have to be patient and persistent, if you are going to try this for a particular purpose. It’s great fun – your feathered friend will love more if you introduce him to music. My birds love it!

Ok parrot people that’s your shredded chicken for the parrot’s soul for now, till next time.

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