Jungle Time

parrots in flight

calling the flock

It’s Friday so all my birds got Shredded chicken, so here is your shredded chicken for the parrots soul.

I’m talking about Jungle time today.

When is Jungle time?

It is at dusk! And because I run a boarding lodge, jungle time can be very hectic! Sometimes I have to leave the area and close the door.

But what is it really all about? In the wild the lookout parrot whistles and calls to get all the flock to come home and roost for the night. O K so think of 8 birds plus 3 of my own all calling their flock home to roost. It never lasts very long but it’s crazy when it happens.

Now what is a lookout parrot? Every flock has a look outparrot, he is the bird that sits high in the trees to watch for danger while the flock is on the ground foraging. Having a cockatoo in the boarding area is ramps up the noise but my word the little birds can also make a din!

That is all for today, we will chat soon.


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