What To Do If Your Bird Gets Sick

Good morning beautiful parrot people.

I hope you are loving your bird and caring for him the very best you can. Your chicken for a parrots soul is about caring for your bird when he is sick. I hope tho that your bird is healthy and stays healthy.

  1. First thing to do…. VET, quickly if you have to. Always see the vet first, in case there are injections or medicine your bird needs.
  2. When you get him home you need a quiet place for him to rest in.
  3. If it is cold get the heater on quickly and keep it on.
  4. Lower his perches so that he can move easier round the cage.
  5. Lower the food and water dishes so he does not strain to get him.
  6. Check on him regularly and if any time you are worried…. It is back to the VET.

I have just had a sick bird, and it is very stressful so be prepared for this. Even the bird finds it stressful. Be prepared for the worst if your bird does not improve. This can be very hard! If you can see he is really struggling, tell him, while you are loving him, that its ok to go, you will be ok if he goes.

Bury him with dignity, and then be prepared for a grieving period.

I hope this helps you, its a hard thing to have to read, but if you are caring at !00% for him hopefully there will be no sickness.


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