Whats on my mind…

Hi parrot lovers and a very big welcome to all the new parrot owners that have signed up in the past few weeks. It is lovely to have you and I hope that I can help you, even if it is only a little.

I have a few things on my mind at the moment and I think you would be interested in whats on a parrot behaviour consultants mind in a week.

Firstly,  we have all been reading on the bill boards of the terrible state of our water system. PLEASE — get your parrots water from a safe source, your borehole, a friends borehole, or from the shop in a bottle if you have to. I only use  borehole water at the home of the happy parrot.

Secondly,if you are going away get some-one reliable and safe to watch your bird. A bird left with a bowl of seed and a bowl of water wont do it, phone me and book your bird in, so that you can go away and really relax knowing that your bird is safe.

Thirdly,we do not have an avian vet in Harare, so please make sure your vet is reputable, bird friendly, and takes you and your bird seriously. Check on the internet if you are worried with a treatment. I can help in some situations but I am not a vet.

Fourthly, I have turned a nook in my garden into a garden of rest. If you ever need to bury a precious feathered friend, know that this facility is avaliable. I pray you dont need it, but it is here if you do.

fithly, I am watching the little wax bills and fire finches eat at my feeding station as I write this, remember your little wild birds, your birds calls and whistles will bring visitors to your garden, feed them from time to time.

Sixthly, how are you handling the noise levels in your house made by your birds ? REMEMBER covering them up with a blanket wont work, and neither will squirting them with water. My family and I have been blessed with ears that can handle quite a lot, you may be struggling, rather get to the root of the problem, and remember that some parrots make a lot more noise than others.

Lots to think about………
Till next time…………

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