Your parrots suitcase

Everyone with a parrot, should have a carry – bag full of important things, in case you need to get to the vet quickly or a family emergency calls for your attention and you need to move fast with your bird. Also if you have to leave quickly a friend or neighbour will find everything they need in your parrots suitcase.

Every time you have to leave home with your bird all you have to do is grab a bag. Much easier than hunting around for things when you are stressed or frazzled.

Here is a list of things to keep in your parrots suitcase.

1. Bottled water
2. A spray bottle in case things in the car get very hot and you have to mist your bird.
3. Paper kitchen towels for quick and easy clean-ups.
4. A zip lock bag with seed in it.
5. A jar of baby food — fruit is best incase a sick bird needs a sugar rush.
6. Perches just in case
7. Toys just in case.
8. Clean newspaper for the bottom of the cage.
9. An index card with vets numbers and other important facts and numbers.
10.A night cover just in case.
11.A work sheet with your birds routine and feeding requirements.

Having a parrot suitcase is as important as having a sick cage ready.

Be organized this year, have everything ready just in case. That way you wont be stressing if something happens that you were not expecting.

Till next time……..

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