Is your bird scared of the dark?

Hi parrot lovers, welcome to another blog.I want you to think about your bird in the dark — is he scared of the dark? Duncan and I have noticed since boarding birds that some not any one species in particular, except cockatiels who do have night frights and need a night life, are definitely scared of the dark.

This to us is very strange as in their natural environment when it gets dark — it is really dark. I think the problem comes when the covers are put over and the lights turned out quickly. In the wild it gets dark gradually.

We had one african who came to stay with us, he brought his night cover but just could not deal with it, and in 3 short weeks the cover was completely pulled apart — when we stopped covering the bird everything turned out just fine. My goffin cockatoo is scared of the dark,– she screams blue murder if I dont

leave a space at the bottom of the cage where light can get in. We have discovered that by leaving a little space at the bottom of the night cover he is much more relaxed, we turn the lights out gradually and he much happier about going to bed. My Sprog, and my visitor at the moment have no problems with being covered up and the lights turned out.

Every bird is different!!

Watch your bird at bed time, is he agitated and frantic and calling to his favourite person. Help your bird at bed time, do it with patience and love.

We are now considering a night light on the veranda for the visitors who come and stay and are afraid of the dark.

Be sensitive, do what is right for your bird.

Till next time………..

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