Good bonding and bad bonding!


Bonding, over bonding, changing bonds and territorial bonding..

Bonding occurs when a bird and a single person trust each other totally. They have absolute trust and faith in each other! I always suggest a secondary favourite person is important but a well adjusted bird, well socialized will go to just about any body. We have a bird lodging with us at the moment, and he will roll on his back for a tummy scratch from anyone who is passing by the cage, this a very well socialized bird! Feeding your feathered friend fruit and nuts and treats will increase the bond. A bonded bird will often preen his owners eyelashes and eye brows. My goffin cockatoo will preen my eye lashes for ages.

Over bonding is a problem the bird will shriek for hours if he can not see his favourite  person, he will bite others when they come close, he will even bite his favourite person. This is difficult to put right in later life or later in the relationship, this is why I always suggest a secondary care giver.

Changing bonds is difficult to handle for the original care giver! My Sam decided to dump me and went then to my husband and that hurts but not all is lost. I can still walk around with Sam on a stick and if I say hop on he knows I am taking him somewhere nice either to Duncan or the tv. You as a dumped person must do things with the bird that only you do and do things he likes with you, treats works wonders as do games, walks round the garden, visits to the kitchen, be creative.

Territorial bonding, is bonding to the cage, or perhaps where the cage is situated, my advice is — change the place of the cage from time to time, change the cage if you can from time to time, change the toys regularly and if you can even change the feeding dishes. This problem is most seen in african greys and cockatoos. A roosting cage or sleeping cage will help this from happening especially if the sleeping cage is in a different part of the house.

Naturally all owners desire a good one on one relationship with their bird but do be careful. Dumping does sometimes happen and it is nasty.

Let all people in the human flock interact with the bird. Offer complete safety to your bird, that is the most important thing to think about.

All birds need LOTS of love and attention, hugs and kisses make sure your bird is getting them.

Till next time…………

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