Eating with the Flock

It is Sunday, roast day at the home of the happy parrot. Today it is a pork roast that is being cooked. Our feathered friends can smell the yummy food cooking just like we can. But how many of us dish up an extra helping for our friends? At the home of the happy parrot we are well used to sharing our roasts with our own birds and visiting birds. Today will be no different! They will have meat, and potatoes and veg and gravy just like us. When my son in law is here the feathered friends will get ice cream as well.

We need to think about including our feathered flock in all our meals. They are omnivores and love a varied diet. If we want them to join us at the table we need to be prepared!  Head off to your local material shop, and buy a couple of meters of a real fun fabrics, and make poop proof chair covers. We don’t want our feathered friends walking all over the table, this is not good hygienic sense. So turn the chair around and let them stand on the chair back which you have cleverly made a poop-protector for.

Measure the width of the chair and double the fabrics over and sew up the edges, so it covers the back of the chair completely. With another piece of material cover the seat of the chair and if mess is not your game, put a towel under the chair to catch the dropped and flung-food. Set the chair a little away from the table, enough so that he cant climb onto the table but close enough to get to his food dish.

This is an excellent way to encourage ‘iffy’ eaters to try new food, if they see you eat it they will want to try themselves. They like doing things with their new flock — US! Dont rush through your lunch, give your  feathered friend as much time as he needs to get stuck in.

This is also a good time for training new words and phrases — they are happy, everyone is together so they will be more receptive to learning new things. Talk to your bird all through lunch they will love that!

Dont let them get on the table this is a bad habit, and don’t have them on your shoulder as they will try and get your food from your mouth and this is also not hygienically wise. Encourage them to try everything, except of course what you know they CANT have.

Clear away the meat and veg, and bring out the pudding, if it  is sweet and fruity and juicy your bird will love it, but ice cream is another big hit. My birds eat it from a teaspoon when the weather is very hot. — just a little.

A side – by – side activity that you can do with your bird is cooking in the kitchen, make sure your cookware is safe and let them help, the odd bean or carrot will be enjoyed. Make sure your bird feels included.

I hope you have enjoyed this one……
Till next time……..

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