Parrots need us!

Many months ago I gave you the parrots bill of rights but there is a lot more that parrots need from us! here are some things for you to think about…

They need us to be TOLERANT, parrots do make noise, do make mess, do get naughty, do bite occasionally and they need us to understand that and learn to live with it.

THey need us to EMPATHIVE with them, remember we put them in cages, they where meant to live in the wild. Sometimes a parrot just needs to be a parrot! and we need to understand that — feel how your parrot feels, Is he cooped up? Is he bored? Is he sick? Is he lonely? Think like a parrot for a little while!

They need us to have a SENSE OF HUMOUR. Birds will be birds!– They will chew things they are not meant to chew, they will ‘poop’ where they are not meant to ‘poop’. So as owners we need to be able to laugh at some of the things they get up to. They make us laugh with their crazy noises and antics that we need to remember the joy they give us when they are being bad!

They need us to be ALERT, if you know your bird well then it wont be hard to spot things when they start going wrong. We need to be attentive! we should all know our birds well enough, we pick things up right at the beginning of a potential problem. KNow your birds behaviours and character.

They need us to be DESSISIVE — dont sit around watching a bird get ill or getting tangled in a toy — take action, pick up the phone! Go to the vet! Remove the toy! Help the bird, do what you have to do quickly!

They need us to BE THERE FOR THEM — you may be your parrots only friend, so be there for him, he needs a companion so be a good one! Lonliness causes behaviour problems! Dont go down that road it could get ugly!

They needs us to BE LOYAL –Dont give up on your parrot at the first sign of trouble, work through it, make changes, see a specialist, get advice from other owners, there is a lot you can do — dont give up on your bird!

Our birds need so much from us, we are their new flock, As it says in the bill of rights learn what you can about your parrot before you take him home, if he is already home, start researching now!

Till next time…..

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