Easter holidays!!

It is nearly Easter holidays — I am going to mention all those safety tips you get close to holiday time that you
usually get from me.If you are having guests, make sure they know the rules and regs about your bird or birds. As them to be mindful of open doors and windows. PLEASE ask them not to treat your bird with chocolate, telling them why — it is toxic to birds –. Make sure you remember to feed your parrot if things are getting a bit hectic in your home. Make sure your bird goes to bed on time during the holiday, no need for a grouchy parrot!! Remind them that little fingers should
not be in cages. Only take your bird out if you are completely sure that things are going to remain  calm and peaceful.

If you are going away then make sure your bird is going to be well cared for. Buy in enough food if a friend is
caring for your parrot. If you have a parrot boarding facility that you are booking in with, make sure you do it
well in advance.

If you are taking your bird with you in the car — make sure you are well prepared — remember your parrot suitcase,
I blogged this a while ago! Check it is all still there replenish anything that you need to. Fasten  the bird cage into the car with a safety belt and make sure he has good clean air, open the window a little. It may be wise to add 1 or 2 drops of rscue remedy to your parrots water before the trip commences. Some birds do travel badly and yes, birds do get car sick.

If you are flying check that flying with your parrot is allowed, most air lines will let you travel with your bird as long as it is in a carrying box that can be tucked under your seat on take of and landing. Make sure you know the quarantine and inoculations that you may have to go through well before take of. Be fully prepared!! Make sure your parrot suitcase is on board with you.

Be prepared to answer lots of parrot questions by interested passengers. Let your parrot enjoy all the attention, but only from the inside of his traveling box.

Look forward to the holiday, whether you are taking your bird or not, have a good break.

Till next time…….

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