Easter weekend 2012

Hi parrot owners and feathered friends! Hope you are settling into a nice few days break. What is happening in your life this weekend? It is great to have side-by-side activities during your time off. Your parrot needs time with you, while you are home and can spoil him.

Let us look at a few things you could do this weekend.

1. Is it time to spring clean your parrots home? Lots of soapy bubbles for perches and toys. Dont forget the surrounds of the cage!

2. Is it time for newly cut perches? Go for a slow walk around your garden or a friends garden and look for odd shape branches that your parrot will have fun on.

3. Is it time to visit the pet shop for new toys? Colourful, interesting, fun toys!Birds love colour!

4. Is it time to get all my recipes out and try baking for your parrot? You and he could have lots of fun in the kitchen!

5. Long weekends are a good time to cuddle up to your bird on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie. Not too much popcorn for your feathered friend!

6. It is rugby time again, let your feathered friend join you in the lounge while you watch a few games.

7. If there is plenty of sunshine what about that all important bath?

8. If your bird is a bit wary of the car, now would be a good time to get him used to it, a few trips round the block at different time during the weekend.

9. Is it time to check names and numbers by the phone? Check your sick cage and make sure everything in your parrot suitcase is still good and clean and ready to go.

10.Maybe take him to a friend for tea?or a family member so he gets used to people who MIGHT have to care for him in the future.Birds love outings!

There we go, 10 ideas for you to think about.

I get loads done in my office over Easter. All the birds are out and listening to the music.

You have a great weekend, until next time……..

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