Welcome to Christmas

A very big hallo to all the readers of this blog. I hope it finds you well organized, in the baking department, in
the shopping department, in the Christmas letter and card department, if you have been sewing, I hope it is also
done and you are know ready to enjoy the festivities. I love looking at the manger scenes, singing the Christmas
carols and drinking the mulled wine.It is a lovely time of the year, where ever you are. I turned Christmas to lie
vertically and came up with this enjoy!

C.  Cayenne — Parrots love hot and spicy food, Cayenne is  good for the digestive system and arthritis.
Sprinkle it on food.

H.  House plants — Most people have house plants. Make sure yours are safe. Parrots explore and chew, even
house plants!

R.  Rescue remedy — 2 drops in water will calm an over excited bird or a stressed out bird, Keep it on hand.

I.  Indian ring neck — Playful, exuberant, and a good talker.

S.  Screaming — Lonely parrots scream.

T.  Tongue –A parrots tongue is fleshy and muscular. It has about 350 taste buds on it.

M.  Mirrors — If the bird is flighted put stickers on the mirrors so he does not fly into them.

A.  Aviculture — The raising,keeping and care of birds.

S.  Seizures — Put the bird in a hospital cage and take to the vet as quickly as possible.

I hope you found that interesting.
Have a good day — till next time

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