a few festive ideas

If your bird sits on a table in your home or on the veranda, why not make a few table cloths out of Christmas material. It will brighten your home and veranda.

Do you use newspaper to line the bottom of your birds cage? why not use Christmas wrapping paper on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and boxing day. This little idea will brighten up your cages.

Purchase some Christmas cd’s and play them for your birds, I do this and it is good fun for my birds and for me.

Use a Christmas cookie cutter and make cookies for you and your bird to enjoy.

Make festive chair covers for your dining room chairs so that when you are celebrating with ham and turkey, your feathered friend can sit with you in the dining room. My birds love ice cream, so make sure your feathered friend gets desert.

Buy a small Christmas stocking, or better still make one and fill it with treats and toys, let them enjoy going through the stocking when you are opening presents.

Try and get your feathered friend in all your photographs — your feathered friend is part of your flock and should be included.

I know that not all my readers celebrate Christmas, if you dont then tell me what you celebrate, and what food you eat so that I can share it with everyone.

Christmas is still far enough away to sew and bake for your feathered friend, so start being creative, and have fun. Remember while you are baking this would be a good side-by-side activity,and sewing would be a good one to, just watch the pins and needles.

I am about to start playing my Christmas cd’s and about to bring out the table cloths for the tables on the veranda.I love Christmas, it is such a festive time of the year.

Till next time……..

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