Safety this festive season

Most people get a break over Christmas and New year, so whether you celebrate or not safety is important

If you are going away make sure your bird is well cared for — a bowl of seeds and a larger dish of water wont do it I am afraid!

If you are staying at home with family and friends, make sure they know the rules and regs around your bird.

If you are giving gifts — small earrings can be swallowed, small stones in rings can be pecked out, smelly candles can be deadly, buttons can be chewed on  new outfits, holes can be left in new shoes, pages ripped out of books, winders taken out of new watches, cd’s walked over and pooped on,food stuffs tasted  and tried.

If you are having crowds of people, best to leave your bird in his cage.

If you are putting up decorations, tinsel can tangle feet, baubles can be broken, trees can be knocked over, drawing pins can be swallowed, and sticky stuff  chewed.

Am I making it sound disastrous? it need not be with a little thought, forward planning and common sense. You can probably think of a dozen things I have not  mentioned. Keep your thinking cap on and be safe this holiday season.

Until next time, have a wonderful day.

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