organize this holiday season

I have been very busy cleaning cupboards looking for all my Christmas things. I dont know what happened last year but it all got put in different places. I was not organized.

This made me think that we should spend a day this holiday break and put all our parrot things in one place.

I like to keep all my first aid things together in my sick cage, all my junk for cage-top-toys in a box under my table but reachable, and all my bowls and dishes together.
Have you got all your bird things together in one place?
Maybe you could find a spot on your veranda or a shelf in a kitchen cupboard.Try and keep it all together so that you dont have to go searching for things you need.
Remember your list of important telephone numbers? up-date  it this holiday break,so that you have it all together and it might be wise to put your vets number in your phone as well.

Having found some of the cloths, I could not resist the urge to put a few Christmasy things in my dining room.Next week I will do my office.

This Christmas is going to be  busy at the home of the happy parrot — but remember if you run into a spot of bother I am at the end of a phone, and e mail. Remember I am not a vet so phone them first if you can.

Please remember parrot people that your parrot still needs caring for during the holidays.
1. Fresh water every day, and more often if the water gets messy.
2. Good nutritious food every day.
3. Covered up at a reasonable time every night.
4. Quality time with your parrots favourite person.
5. Time out of the cage with his human flock

Till next time  — stay stress free.

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