The 12 birds of Christmas

A.  African Grey, Grey with a red tail, a great talker {aprox 300 words } a great companion, mimics sounds around the house.

B.  Budgie, Small bird, some green, some blue, loves  mashed apple and mashed banana, make a lovely little pet.

C.  Cockatoo, Beautiful fluffy white birds, Very big, will talk, makes a beautiful pet but needs space.

D.  Dusky parrot, Very colourful medium sized birds, shy birds that are sensitive and often pluck.

E.  Electus, Easy to look after, eats fruit and green veg, often needs a supplement.

F.  Fischers love bird, small birds that make good  1st time bird owners, can live in an aviary or in a cage.

G.  Goffin Cockatoo, a miniature cockatoo, very playful, can talk, needs lots of attention.

H.  Hanns Maccaw, the tiniest of the maccaws is just 12 inches {30cm } long.

I.  Indian ring neck, from India, can talk, has a long tail, pretty bird needing a large cage.

J.  Jenday conure, colourful small bird, known as an acrobat, can scream, will talk a little.

K.  PLEASE try and find a bird beginning with a k.. Thank you.

L.  Lesser sulphur crested cockatoo, a fluffy snuggly little bird, needs attention, makes a great pet,will talk a little,needs loving.

See if you can come up with another 12 birds, most of this you will know, but it is fun. I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well, I a m baking biscuits at the moment to distribute to the vets and pet shops, I have made sure that there are some left over for the birds that are staying   with me this Christmas.

My Christmas menu is about to be finalized, I hope there is something in it for all my visitors, and I hope they all enjoy it, until next time have a very good, festive day.

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