Time for treats….

I like to give Sam and Sprog treats from time to time. I try and keep them as healthy as possible but just like young children they like the things that are not as healthy as well. The not so healthy treats are kept to a minimum because I don’t want my birds to get sick later on.
I have taken a photo of the snacks that I give them. On the board, the best loved treats are the tropical mix, or Hawaiian mix. These treats contain sliced coconut, sun dried slices of banana, tiny little pieces of sweets, cashew nuts, and raisins.

Parrot treats

A Selection of Treats

They each have a treat bowl, and I will put just a few of everything into the bowl. Next loved are the nuts and raisins. I always wash these to get all the salt off the peanuts because too much salt causes heart and kidney disease in parrots.

Steak and onion rings are devoured but they only get 1 ring each as these are full of additives and colourants and oodles of salt. Marie biscuits I break up for them, so they can hold them carefully. Sometimes they get dunked in the drinking water and sometimes not. Sprog is a dunker!

You can give crisps, chicken puffs {flings} but remember about the additives and colourants and salt. Dates can be given if you find them in your favourite supermarket.

Remember never to give sweets especially chocolate sweets, coke or caffiene as a treat because birds can become addicted just like we can !
Two little stories for you to enjoy, Sam and Sprog rush to the tops of their cages as soon as they see me with their treat bowls, there is much noise and eager anticipation. Dancing from one foot to the other till they get their bowls. The other is a favourite of my husbands, as he comes home from work at lunch time and as he comes in the back door he shouts ” chippie, chippie ” and the 2 of them bolt to the tops of their cages and wait patiently for their special, not so healthy treat. Just 1 remember ! Treats are for special birds at special times, and they learn quickly who gives them what.

Remember you can use treats if you are training your bird,– treats for tasks done.

Have fun working out your birds special treat,and then keep a stash for special times !
Tell me what treats you give. I would love to know.

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