Food Treats That Are Dangerous For Your Parrot….

As I said in my previous post, chocolate, tea and coffee are dangerous to give to our feathered friends because they are addictive. I want to alert you to what happens if you give them.

Chocolate… Chocolate leads to high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, raised temperature, and nervous twitching. There may also be a degree of diarrhea.
Chocolate contains, theobromine,… toxic to birds. Death occurs if it has been ingested in great quantities. Less severe cases need fluid therapy and for a time the bird may need to be on Valium for the twitching.

Tea and coffee…All the same signs and symptoms occur as for chocolate ingestion. Tea and coffee contain theophylline which is toxic to birds.

I want to add here the answer to a much often asked question about avocado pears and why we cant give them. The leaves, bark and fruit cause an irritation in the mouth. Once the irritation begins the birds will stop eating the fruit. Birds will stop eating it before death occurs. The signs and symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting and regurgitation. The birds need to be encouraged to vomit, your vet will help you here. Their crops should be flushed and fluids need to be given. Valium may also be needed to be given if the bird is very agitated and nervous.

I hope that gives you a bit more information about beastly treats !

Watch out for my next post which will deal with herbicides and insecticides…

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