Hellish Hot October days…(for those of us in Africa that is)

I have just bathed my birds, Sam and Sprog, and thought that I should just write a quickie for you all.

It is very hot at the moment and we think about ourselves quite quickly and sit by a fan, or an open window, or out under a nice shady tree. We should think about our birds too. They get just as niggly and bad tempered in the hot weather as we do and we should do what we can to make them comfortable.

If they like going under the sprinkler in the garden do this early in the morning and then let them dry a little before bringing them in. A cool bird is a happy bird. I have mentioned before that bathing parrots helps keep them on a even keel so bathing them will also keep them calmer.You may choose to use a spray bottle or taking  them in the shower with you, do what ever your bird likes and remember to do it regularly.

The other thing that you can do is keep a cup of juice for them in your fridge. Mine like medley of fruit, and fruits of paradise, this may seem a bit over the top but they will love drinking from the cup and it is cool so they will doubly enjoy it. Get a few boxes for yourself and offer some to your bird. They will love the extra attention and the cool juice.

African grey parrot Sam cooling off with a drink

Sam Cooling Off

Have you ever watched a bird kick around a block of ice? This is good fun to watch and birds love doing it. Give your bird an ice block to play with, this is both fun and cooling for them too.

Make sure that your bird is in a good well ventilated room, they also enjoy cool air. If you are out to work and they are in their cages, make sure you leave an open window. If they are out of their cages for most of the day, keep a window open while you are sitting with them, don’t leave an open window unmonitored. You don’t want to lose your bird.

Those are just some of the things you can try in this very hot weather. Please keep your bird comfortable, and lets hope that the rain starts early and we have a good season.

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