I do not want him…..

So you took home a cute fluffy, little bird from the pet shop. You were very excited, he was going to learn to talk, learn little games, and become one of the family. There was a beautiful honeymoon period and then wham it happened. That little bird began to do some things you did not like, he screamed for your attention, an ear piercing shriek, he started biting, instead of just nibbling like he used to do. He began to bite anyone that came close and you just could not handle it.

Apart from the bad screaming and biting, he threw unwanted food all over the veranda and when you did let him out, he chewed the furniture and the curtains. So he came out less and less which just made the screaming worse. None of this you had bargained for and you and your family were very unhappy.

What are the options?

Leave him in the cage, and transport him to the garage to live out his life with the other things from the house that you didnt want, eat seed once a day, and maybe get his cage cleaned every now  and again.

This is hardly fair, remember you are dealing with a wild bird that we humans have caged for our enjoyment. What a sad option this is!

2nd option, find him a new home, go back to the pet shop and say you can not cope and would they help you find him a new home. This is how we got Sam, he was unloved by his original family, and he went back to the pet shop. This option is a little better, but try and put yourself in the birds place, he now has to get used to a whole different family, he is confused, frightened, and very nervous. Hopefully he will go to a person that loves birds and is prepared to go through a long adjustment period, is patient and kind, knows and does all the things that need to be done for a pet parrot.

3rd option, go back to the pet shop, or your vet and find out if there is a behaviour consultant in town, that can help you work through the problems and get your bird back to being loved by you and your family.

I want to make it clear that most bad behaviour is fixable, with a little time, patience and love. Your bird can be restored to his precious place in his flock, your family. He may  change his favourite person but harmony can reign again in your family.

Option 3 is by far the best option and I hope that you go this route. Find a behaviour consultant through your pet shop or vet and try your best to fix the problems before you go to the second option.

I am passionate about parrots and want the best for them, unfortunately I can not take in every unwanted parrot, because I have precious ones of my own, but all you need to do is contact me if you are having a problem,  or infact just do not know exactly what you should be doing for your bird.

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