The best best cage in the right place !!

1. The perfect cage is rectangular
2. Is easy to clean
3. Is large enough that the parrot can flap his wings
4. Has horizontal bars so that the bird can climb
5. Has perches cut from fruit trees
6. Has more than 1 set of food dishes
7. Has a tray under the cage to catch debris
8. Has wheels so that it can be moved around the house

Your bird’s cage should be near to where the action is in your home. But also where he can retreat for security.
Don’t put it in the middle of the room or up against a window. Always try and put the cage up against a wall. Away from doors.

Some birds like high cages and some low, try each to see where your bird is happiest… Remember that a cage too high will cause the bird to think that he is the boss. Be aware that the cages that go right to the floor might make the bird insecure… Especially if there are dogs, cats and small children around.

Always have toys inside and outside the cage, I have tall 3 tier baskets, ordinary shopping baskets and magazine racks for my birds to play on, old garden furniture is also good. Always put them close enough for your bird to get food and water. Play stands are also lovely and come with food dishes and toys.

Is a roost cage necessary? A roost cage is a separate cage your bird sleeps in at night.

That is entirely up to you. Horrible aren’t I! you decide, my birds do not have roost cages but I live in a quiet house that the birds can nap easily in in the afternoon. Your bird needs 12 hours of good sleep and a nap in the afternoon, if he is not getting that then a roost cage is a good idea.

Introducing a new cage..

Please do this slowly, put the new cage where your bird can see it, even if it sits there for a few weeks, put the dishes and toys that the cage will have in when you move the bird, so your bird can see it like it is going to be. Let your bird explore it, climb on it, go in and out if he wants to. This can be a long process but it is worth it in the long run.

Please parrot lovers, note, that from the 1st of July my boarding fees are going up. This is because I keep in contact with owners by text messaging, e mailing and phoning, also, should I be caring for an ill bird they always leave me with daily medical records to compile for the owner. In case a vet should wish to see them at a later date.

Please also note, that I am already booking Christmas birds in, so be on the ball if you want me to board your bird. The August holidays are also nearly full.

You and your feathered friend have a great day !!


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