Does Your Bird Hate Bathing?

In the world the parrots enjoy a good thunder storm! But in captivity they may never experience a shower or a good bath. They may have been squirted with water for bad behaviour..

You have to be very clever to get a bird used to shower time but I have told you how very important it is.

1. Try getting a friends bird that enjoys bathing to show the uncertain bird what happens. Let the uncertain bird watch for a few times then do them both together. Then try without the friends bird, go slowly, be patient.

2. Get the temperature in the room up, so it is warm for the bathing bird.

3. Try different water temperatures, one bird might like it warm another cold. Experiment and see which your bird enjoys.

4. Try in different places, the kitchen, the lounge, the bathroom, the garden,watch your birds reactions..

5. Taking your bird into bath with you while you bath or shower always helps,we have a play stand in our bathroom where our birds sit while we bath..

6. Try playing a cd of a thunderstorm or a rain shower, as they would hear it in the wild..

7. Some birds will tolerate spraying, try and see, keep the water warm and spray above the bird so that it falls down onto them..

8. Misting is something to try, if you mist your plants mist the bird at the same time. Make it fun..

9. Some birds like dunking themselves in a shallow bowl of water and some will have a go in the drinking dishes..

Remember bath time is important so do what ever you have to do to get your bird loving his bath!!

1. It reduces bad behaviour..
2. it keeps the birds feathers in good condition..

Remember when it is winter your bird needs to be bathed in the warmest part of the day.
Remember birds must be completely dry before night fall..
If you are bathing your bird indoors try drying them with a hair dryer..
Good natural sunlight will dry them outdoors..
You may need to towel dry them, be careful, birds are fragile..

I hope that you and your feathered friends have good bath times together..

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