Contaminated Feathers and Bathing

Sometimes pet birds can get contaminated feathers.They could sit quietly destroying your make up draw while you are blow drying your hair, they may knock over old bottles or perfume bottles and you don’t notice till the damage is done. The bathroom is another good place where birds do their own things while their owners have their minds on something else.They could get kissed over and over with someone wearing lipstick or lip balm.. In the bar they could knock over glasses of sticky drinks, and tobacco smoke also contaminates feathers.

There is a solution if any or other situations arise in your home.
Always try cleaning the feathers with plain water first but if it doesn’t work you can use mild baby shampoo..

1. Wet the contaminated feathers with clean water.
2. Rub the shampoo between your thumb and fingers.
3. Rub it into the feather following the direction of the feather.
4. Rinse it of with clean warm water.
5. Do it again if necessary.
6. Please be careful not to get shampoo in the birds eyes, nose or ears..

If you are watchful, while doing side-by-side activities your bird wont get into too much trouble, be alert, be watchful..

Don’t leave your bird alone in the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom…

I hope you have found this helpful..

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