The Home of the Happy Parrot – PHOTOS

At the home of the happy parrot, the boarding conditions are very personalized. I like the birds and the owners to feel that it is a home away from home.

Your bird ( if boarding ) is placed in the areas where we spend most of our time, so that they always have a watchful eye on them.

Their cages are cleaned every day to ensure that good hygienic conditions for them when they spend time in their cages.

Cages are opened after breakfast and the birds go in and out at will, there are cage-top-toys for them to play with when they are out. The only time that they spend time in their cages is when I cannot physically see them or hear them.

The diet that you give at home is given while in my care and I always give fruit, veg cereal and treats. Healthy treats ! Food dishes and water dishes are washed after every forage time.

I have good relations with a 24 hour vet, should the need ever arise..

I will as best as I can keep in contact with you the owner, generally by text, or e mail. You are free to phone me at any time that I have your bird in my care.

I always try and keep weekends as family time, so there are no drop-offs or pick-ups over a weekend unless it is an emergency.

I have taken pictures of my veranda, office and lounge where your birds spend their time. We do music therapy  on a regular basis as this quietens nervous birds and birds staying, can be bathed along with my 2 if you so wish.

Birds on the veranda

Veranda Birds

You will note that the birds are in their cages when I took the pictures so that the flash didn’t startle them and they fly off.

If you want to use this boarding service, please book early, as I fill up quickly and only take 4 birds at any one time.

Enjoy the pictures, till next time.

Another bird on the veranda

Another Veranda Resident





In my Office with a Parrot Lodger

My Office with a Parrot Lodger








Parrot in a cage

Another Parrot Guest

Parrot in a cage

A Parrot lodger in my Lounge












My Office

My Office


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