1. Dander .. Powder formed when sheaths are removed from new feathers, It is released when birds preen.
  2. Hookbill.. A parrot.
  3. Keel bone.. The flat bone running from under the crop attached to the sternum.
  4. Mandible. The lower beak..
  5. Maxilla.. The upper beak.
  6. Preen.. Grooming the feathers with the beak.
  7. Roost.. The place birds go to sleep.
  8. Toxin.. Any substance that causes illness and death through exposure.
  9. Vent.. The opening through which droppings are excreted.
  10. Crashing.. Quick deterioration to serious illness.
  11. Forage.. The search and consumption of food.
  12. Nares.. Nostrils.
  13. Beaking.. Testing the feeling of things with the beak.
  14. Neonate.. A baby parrot that can do nothing for itself.
  15. Psittacine.. Any parrot.
  16. Cloaca.. Another name for the vent.
  17. Mantling.. Stretching out the wings as a sign of happiness.
  18. Molt.. The shedding and replacing of feathers.
  19. The thunderbolt.. A parrots immediate bond/fondness for a human.
  20. Wobble distraction.. The wobbling of the arm or wrist to stop unwanted behaviour.
  21. Terrible two’s.. When dominance, independence, aggression, are 1st noticed by the care giver.
  22. Mimmiking.. The copying of vocalization by human or other animal.
  23. Overload.. Episodes of grat excitement that lead to aggression.
  24. Scissor beak.. When the mandible over growa the sides of the maxilla.
  25. Crop stasis.. When food is caught in the crop and cannot pass to the rest of the digestive system.
  26. Honey mood period.. The baby parrots  first few weeks in his new home.
  27. Plumage.. All the covering feathers of the bird.
  28. Talon.. The claw of the bird.
  29. Fungus.. Molds and yeasts that cause illness in birds.
  30. Baby days.. The baby birds first few days in a new home.



I hope that you have found this interesting, something different .. See if you can put them in alphabetical order and try to remember them.. We can never learn too much about our feathered friends..

Keep learning, your parrot will love you for it..


Have a great day with your feathered friend..


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