Did you know that you can supplement your birds diet with spices from your kitchen.. I have listed a few for you below..

Cayenne pepper.
Parrots love spicy foods and cayenne pepper helps aid digestion and helps when treating arthritis..

Is also good for digestion, cook with it or sprinkle it on food..

PLEASE remember to only give garlic extract from a health store, fresh garlic should never be offered to parrots.
The extract is a natural anti biotic.

Grapefruit seed extract.
Also available from health food stores.. This has anti biotic, anti fungal and anti viral properties. Just put 2 drops in their drinking water.

Has anti cancer properties, sprinkle a tiny bit on food that you offer your bird. NOT to much!

Powdered Vitamin C..
Available from health stores and pharmacies is good for stressed birds, and birds that have been ill.

Cuttle bone and mineral blocks..
These you can buy from pet shops. Attach them to the side of the cage for your bird. These are good for breeding pairs, hens sitting on eggs and of course the general good health of any bird.

I hope that you have found this interesting. I cook with supplements from the kitchen and my birds love their weekend food treat!

Have a good day.


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